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The Incredible Monk: Dragon Return 2018 N/A0

The last episode mentioned that Jigong and the League of Heroes of the various roads once again resolved the human catastrophe, but the mortal world did not get peace, and the war disputes continued. General Gao Renjie is a famous star of the imperial court. He has participated in dozens of games, winning and winning. He has made a lot of contributions and is regarded as a national hero!   Gao Ben is quite good with Feng Yi from the young and beautiful childhood, but God’s will makes Feng Yi forced to go to the sea. Gao Qing Ai Feng, but was pointed out by thousands of people and did not dare to marry his wife. Highly seeking help from Jigong, Jigong has gone through all the hardships and swears to match this pair of hard-working people! When all success is in sight, the high-ranking men have poisoned their hands and killed them. They hope that they can forget the children’s private feelings and concentrate on the country for the people.   Jigong is furious, why do you want to break up? What is the truth? Indignantly turned into a dragon, vowed to change his destiny, go against the sky, go to hell, fight against the evil spirits of the earth, and recapture the god of Fengyi.

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Action

Actors: Chen Haomin, Lin Zicong, Sun Yayi

Directors: Lin Zicong


Duration: 88 Menit

Quality:  4K HD

Release Date: 28 August 2018

Countries: China