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Panic: Ghost Apartment N/A0

Late at night, a woman in a newly built high-end apartment fell from the balcony. Since then, there have been rumors of haunting in the room. The residents in the apartment have moved away, and four young people seeking excitement have rented it here. However, after they came in, they sang every night and night. When they were playing, the series of strange things suddenly happened in the room, which eventually led to a tragedy of three deaths and one injury. The plainclothes investigator Di Diwei (Liang Chenyu) usually protects himself by group identity, but under the introduction of his friend Cai Chong, he has done a job of "caught ghosts". His professional sensitivity has made him successful. This is an open case. However, when the truth is revealed to the world, the spiritual events happen again. It feels that Didiwei, who is riddled with ghosts, can only get rid of evil spirits for the ghosts! Is it human? Is it a ghost? A bigger secret is gradually surfaced

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Actors: Liang Chenyu, Ying Xue, Dai Jia Xi

Directors: Qi Zong


Duration: 89 Menit

Quality:  4K HD

Release Date: 24 August 2018

Countries: China